GRAINYS is a friendly,

open-minded business advancement company. It lives and exists to make other businesses great and influential.

GRAINYS aims to ignite

passion into business, making and building stronger teams and developing inspiring future leaders.

GRAINYS is a progressive

company that establishes relationships on a partnership like basis to make businesses flourish.
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GRAINYS is all about making other businesses great

GRAINYS strongly believes that running your own business must be enjoyable. The enthusiasm of owners can fire up and bring out the best in their team. Well, that always leads to more creative products, services and solutions. That is so cool because it is great for owners, their teams, their suppliers and their customers. In fact, it’s great for your business.

GRAINYS Loves Small Companies

GRAINYS adores small companies that punch above their weight and make their mark by producing awesome products or services. But, sometimes, their energy runs down and they go stale. We are here to recharge such businesses by recapturing their original sense of enthusiasm and adventure. Further business growth and achievement means reaching all their important milestones.


GRAINYS is a progressive company. We do not restrict ourselves to solve business problems only through traditional business analysis methods. The business world has changed dramatically over the past decades. Tactics are becoming more important than strategies, automation is coming sooner than anticipated, digital currencies are threatening to overthrow an old monetary establishment. Progress requires a fresh outlook on how to achieve business growth in a new unknown environment.

GRAINYS exist to enrich you

GRAINYS is an open minded, friendly business advancement company. The needs of our clients, and their trust, are our first priorities. We exist to make your business great in your own way, with your own style and with your own character.

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Appreciating and Understanding Your People

A strong team delivers strong results. It leads to quicker, more effective and higher quality business results. People are the key asset of any business. They give you tremendous opportunity to grow your company without the need for large capital investment. GRAINYS helps you in building stronger teams by understanding the importance of the social and emotional needs of your teams.

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As specialists we can guide managers and company owners by exploring following areas such as:

  • Finding out and meeting employees needs
  • Personality profiling
  • Aligning employees feelings with company’s mission
  • Discovering and building on employees strengths
  • Boosting creativity and freedom of choice

Appreciating and Understanding your business

Sometimes business does not go the way that we plan. There can be many different reasons - confusion about marketing; lack of cash flow; unsatisfactory online presence; ineffective management or communication. We listen carefully to what you value most and where you want to be in the future. GRAINYS helps you identify the reasons and possibilities, and produces an easy-to-understand plan for you to follow.

More about building your business.

Our services and tools could be a great booster for your business growth and profitability. We could help in:

  • Business Management and Administration
  • Business Audit
  • Strategy, Planning and Business Operations
  • Start-up advice and guidance
  • Growth planning
  • Product or service planning, development and execution
  • Market development, Marketing strategy, Digital Marketing
  • Business purchase or sale

Understanding the role of a Boss

Some owners tend to do everything in their business - from answering the switchboard to painting the offices. How much should you do? When, how and to who should you delegate your workload? How should you lead effectively? Grainys helps develop and shape leaders who will be followed by their teams with passion and dedication. Gone are the days when, as writer Jo Owen once said, “bosses bossed and workers worked”.

More about understanding the role of a boss.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience about:

  • Defining personal leadership vision
  • Leadership qualities and characteristics
  • Leadership evolution
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Born vs Made leaders
  • Mentoring future leaders
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How do we do it?

We believe in being flexible in our approach. We know that each company has its own way of doing things. Grainys is led by your needs rather than by any rigid method of business analysis.

Our priority is to understand your business quickly and efficiently. We do this by setting up one-to-one meetings, through productive workshops, training or seminar sessions either at your premises or off-site. We strive to understand what makes you tick; what is important to you; what do you want to achieve.

We are here to find the root problem, show you the options to remove it and move forward successfully. Simple.

GRAINYS can be easily reached

by all means of communication. Please feel free to poke us - we don’t bite.


If you want to talk to a real, a non-virtual person, give us a call. Chit-chat about the weather works fine with us too.

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